Schacht Spinning Wheels

We are a proud dealer of Schacht Spindle products. Located in Colorado, Schacht makes high quality affordable spinning wheels, looms, and spinning/weaving equipment. The Schacht Matchless spinning wheel is their most popular wheel, the Ladybug spinning wheel is gaining fans quickly, and Schacht Reeves spinning wheels are high quality wheels with traditional style. They also make wonderful drop spindles, carders, diz gages, as well as other spinning and weaving accessories. Buy online or come see us in person in Olympia, WA.

Wensleydale Wool

The finest, most valuable luster longwool.

white wensleydale fleececolored wensleydale fleece

Wensleydale sheep at Long Wool Ranch produce some of the best wool in the world for hand-spinning, knitting, weaving, felting, and doll hair. Available from both white and black

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sheep, wensleydale wool can also have a silvery finish from a black sheep. Our wool has tight even curls and high lustre making it very desireable to spin into yarns of all sizes. It is kemp free, which means it has non of those weak scratchy fibers, and can be worn comfortably next to the skin!

wensleydale sheep in full fleececolored wensleydale sheep